4 Unusual Bass Techniques

You've got your basic fingerstyle and maybe even some slap technique down. 

But where do you go from there if you want to adance your technique, get creative, and open up your capabilities on bass?

You listen to the greats and you learn from them.

This lesson teaches four amazing techniques you can use in your playing:

Abe Laboriel - Strumming

Bernard Edwards - Chucking

Rocco Prestia - Left Hand Muting

Tony Levin - Plectrum Upstrokes

Scroll down for the free PDF with the shapes I was using to practise these cool techniques. The free drumbeats can be found at the bottom of this page.

If you're looking to improve technique, I have two books that might help:

Creative Bass Technique Exercises

Complete Fingerstyle Bass Technique

Improvise With These Shapes

Everything I was making up in the lesson came from B Minor. Here are the shapes and if you're interested in digging into the harmony behind this (and you should know this), watch this lesson:

Harmonising The Natural Minor Scale: Play Bass Lines, Chords & Solos!

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