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Yes. You can use this link: - Online Bass Courses Donation

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Another way you can support my work is to buy anything on Amazon (it doesn't even have to be anything I recommend). As long as you buy via my link, I get a commission. 

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On some pages you'll see a 'support me' button. It's just another way to donate through Ko-Fi

Why donate?

A huge amount of time and effort goes into running this site and publishing all the lessons (it's all little old me who does everything). All the lessons on this site are completely free but take a lot of time to write, film, edit, and publish. I strive to make all my lessons of the highest value so that you can learn something that you can actually use. 

If you would like to support this site then here are the options. Please note that a donation doesn’t get you a product. I sell courses and books too but a donation is separate to that. Your generous support allows me to keep the site running.

I started Online Bass Courses to reach as many eager bass players as possible. I was aware about website running costs but perhaps a little naive about how much it all actually costs! 

Your donation will help me to keep this site free. I have paid products too but that’s a separate thing - also a great way to support what I do.

A donation will basically allow me to keep the site going and to provide you with the best bass tuition that I can. Donations help to:

 - Give me time to create new lessons, blog posts, and courses. Material that will help you become a better bass player.
 - Pay for the update/upkeep of the site.
 - Keep it all free. With your support, I'm able to help educate people in the bass community for free. These are players that may not yet be able to afford to pay for any education. I stopped teaching bass in schools to set this site up. All proceeds from products/donations help offset the loss of income from stopping teaching/paying for the upkeep of the site.

Is It Secure?
I use Stripe which is fully secure and doesn’t store any of your credit card details on this site. It's really easy to cancel a recurring payment at any time.

How Else Can I Help?
Such is life with algorithms these days that shares, likes, and subscribes really matter. So please do all those things on YouTube and Instagram as well as sharing lessons from this site. Social media is also an amazing place to get to know each other and you can let me know what you’re working on and what lessons you want.

Mention Online Bass Courses to your friends and on forums. That will help the site grow, which - in turn - helps me to earn a living. The more views I get on the site the better. That means more time to create bass lessons for you. 

Thanks so much and here's to your continued improvement on the best instrument ever!