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You can download everything on this page for free if you're a subscriber (also free). Don't think that because it's all free it's somehow not good. I've made my free resources as valuable as any paid product you will find. There is a lot here that you can use so go through it all!


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Free bass guitar Practice Drones work on your ear

Using drones in your practice is a fantastic way to train your ear to hear the sounds and colours of different scales. It’s a really fun way to come up with all kinds of ideas and just improvise to your heart’s content. 


Bass Guitar Resources FREE ebook

This is the free ebook you get when you sign up to my weekly bass newsletter. This book contains incredibly useful patterns, scales, arpeggios, modes, chords, and more that you can use to make music.



Reading music For Bass Players

Reading Music                                   

Free Course: Here

Major Scale Modes                                         

Video Lesson: Here

Drum Beats 

This audio is from various lessons from the site. See below the audio player for links to the lessons.

Blues Shuffle 123BPM

8th Note Rock 117BPM

CMaj7/AMaj7/Bbm7 Play Along

From the lesson: CMaj7/AMaj7/Bbm7 Play-Along

6/8 Pop 100BPM

Funk 110BPM

Jazz 130BPM

F Minor Pentatonic Play Along

Pop 108BPM

The Chicken 105BPM

Glide (Drums) 114BPM

Forget Me Nots (Drums) 114BPM

Free Bass Guitar Backing Tracks

This backing track is from How to Use Modes: A Guide For Bass Players.