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This is a site to help you up your game, reach your goals, and become the best bass player you can possibly be. You'll find a huge range of courses, lessons, books, tips, and resources to help you learn the coolest instrument there is!

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The lessons, tips, and videos on this site get straight to the point with no waffle or sales-talk. Online Bass Courses is all about teaching you the skills you need to play bass like a pro. You'll learn how to create bass lines, play with impeccable groove, understand your instrument, and much more. If you're just starting out, I recommend you take a look at two blog posts I wrote designed to give you everything you need to know to play great bass:

  1. Bass Guitar Syllabus. This is a mega resource, linking all the lessons I have with what I believe are the skills you need to become a great bass player.
  2. The First Things You Should Learn On Bass Guitar

There is enough material there to keep you busy for years (and it's all free!) so bookmark these pages and get to work. 

Otherwise, there are hundreds of lessons on this site, broadly organised into seven categories:

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By themselves, none of the areas highlighted above will make much difference to your playing but - together - they combine to give you musical superpowers! If you're ready you can head straight into one of the free courses. I also have an amazing free ebook if you sign up to my newsletter below...

Who I Am?

My name is Dan Hawkins and I run Online Bass Courses. I've been a full time bass player all my working life and this site is the place I teach the best ideas from the bass world. Learn more about my story here.

My Top Free Resources

You'll find a lot of free resources and tools on this site that are as good as any paid product. Here are a few.

Bass Guitar Resource Book

Bass Guitar Resources FREE ebook

Practice Drones

Free bass guitar Practice Drones work on your ear

Gig Gear Checklist

What a pro bass player takes to a gig

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