From Beginner To Bassist (1)

by Dan Hawkins

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Learn the elements of great bass playing

But what exactly are those elements?

Good bass playing and excellent musicianship can be distilled into the following areas:

  1. Technique
  2. Theory
  3. Fretboard knowledge
  4. Rhythm (timing/groove/feel)
  5. Reading (not essential but very useful)
  6. Knowing songs
  7. Your approach to practice.

When you know a little bit in a few areas, things seem confusing! However, when you know how they connect, the lightbulb goes off and the magic starts to happen.

You get lifetime access to the entire course for a single one-off payment. All this potential bass knowledge with no yearly subscription fees!

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The elements of great bass playing

Once you link and connect the main ideas of music together, you gain a deep understanding which accelerates learning. Bass playing becomes easier and more enjoyable. 

You will learn how in this course.

This does not happen without focused effort on your part though. Don't worry, I'll show you exactly, step-by-step how to approach practice too. 

I'm a professional bass player and teacher with 20 years of experience and will show you everything you need to know!

Learning bass can be confusing! This course leads you step by step from the absolute basics, through developing great technique, all the way to being able to pick up your bass and improvise and make up bass lines.

Here's what you'll learn in From Beginner To Bassist

80 video lessons, hours of quality, highly focused bass tuition, 67 page workbook, 7 backing tracks, tons of examples.

Introduction & Absolute Basics

Course Materials (READ FIRST)

Welcome and Principles Of Learning The Bass

How To Read Fretboard Diagrams & TAB

Let’s Tune Up

ALL The Notes On The Bass

Open String Notes + The Layout Of The Bass

Holding The Bass/Plucking & Fretting Basics/Avoiding Pain/Tone Production/Breathing & Relaxation

Module 1 Assignments

Bass Technique

Everything You Need To Know About Basic Fingerstyle Technique

C Major & A Natural Minor Scales (Open Position)

Muting, Note Length & Hand Shifts

Hip Hop Groove (More Muting/Note Length Practice)

Sequencing Scales & Making Music!

Taking Your Technique To The Next Level (Articulations)

Common Bass Technique Errors & How To Fix Them

Putting It Into Practice - Slow Blues

Slow Blues Demo

Putting It Into Practice -Country Ballad (With Demo)

Module 2 Assignments

Theory & Ear Training

Introduction – What Can You Do With Music Theory?

Major Scale Construction + A New (Closed) Position

Jargon Busting- Scale, Triad, Chord, Arpeggios

Intervals – How To Learn, Memorise & Use Them

Pentatonic Scales – The Bass Player’s Secret Weapon!

Relative Major & Minor Scales

The Circle Of 4ths & 5ths – Find ANY Key

Harmonising A Scale – The Greatest Bass Exercise Of All Time

Playing Chords

Amazing Ear Training Exercise

Putting It Into Practice -Reggae

Reggae Demo

Module 3 Assignments

Rhythm (Groove/Feel/Timing)

Time Signatures, Beats, Bars, Basic Rhythms & Rests

Subdividing The Beat (Counting & Tapping Your foot)

1/16th Note Masterclass (Plus How To Use Them To Make Cool Lines)

Developing A Killer Sense Of Time

How To Play Fast & Build Stamina

Putting It Into Practice -Pop

Pop Demo

Putting It Into Practice -Funk

Funk Demo

Chapter 4 Assignments

Fretboard Knowledge (Patterns)

Mastering The Bass Fretboard

Pentatonic Shapes All Over The Bass

PRO TIP- Song Learning/Riff Making/Jamming Superpower!

Incredibly Useful Bass Guitar Patterns

Putting It Into Practice -Soul

Soul Demo

Chapter 5 Assignments

Reading Music

Intro – Why Read Music?

Identifying & Locating Notes On the Staff & The Bass

Reading Simple Rhythms

Reading Example 1 – Pop

Reading Example 2 – Country Ballad

Reading Example 3 – Slow Blues

Reading Example 4 – Jazz Swing

Reading Example 5 – Reggae

Reading Example 6 – Funk

Chart Reading Example 1 – Pop

Chart reading Example 2 – Country ballad

Chart Reading Example 3 – Slow Blues

Chart Reading Example 4 – Jazz

Chart Reading Example 5 – Reggae

Chart Reading Example 6 – Funk

Module 6 Assignments

Mindset (Practice)

Chapter 7 Introduction

Essential Practice Tips and Maxims

How Long Do I Practicse For & What Do I Practise?

Logging Your Practice Sessions

Three Sample Practice Sessions (7,30,60 Minutes)


Improvisation Introduction

Blues Improv

Soul Improv

Pop Improv

How To Create A Bass Line (James Brown Funk)

How To Create A Bass Line (Rock Riffs)

Instantly Compose Bass Lines!

Improvising With A Harmonised Scale (Plus An Intro To Modes)

Drones – How To Make Your Scales Sound Beautiful!

Gear Tips & Closing Thoughts

Practice Gear & How To Make Your Bass Easier To Play

Final Words & Next Steps

From Beginner To Bassist gives you a system for learning bass in a clear, concise, step-by-step way. It's blueprint for exactly what you need to practise and when... You will develop confidence, belief, and cool bass skills! 

I take time to explain each new concept and give you ideas on how you can use it. 

You can use the ideas from this course in other areas of your playing - The lessons in this course will teach you how to develop a great sense of timing and rhythm and how to use theory concepts to make actual music. Those profound insights are transferrable to all aspects of bass playing.

Course Format & Materials

I get straight to the point in my teaching and don't show you anything that a professional bass player wouldn't use. There's zero fluff here! You will be able to use everything you learn in this course. There are examples, bass lines, backing tracks, and assignments throughout.

Workbook (TAB/notation)

The accompanying workbook contains the TAB/notation for each lesson as well as teaching and handy diagrams.

Backing Tracks

Included are 7 backing tracks for the different pieces as well as drum beats for you to hone your timing skills.

Fretboard Diagrams

Wherever I explain a scale, mode, triad, or arpeggio, I give you a handy diagram to memorise the shape.

Who is this course for?

Let's check to see if you're a good fit for this course.

  • You love bass but want to be able to play in time with great technique.
  • You're serious about improving all aspects of your bass playing.
  • You're willing to put in the work to massively improve your skills.

Are you ready?

Incredible value for bass students

If I taught you this material one to one it would take up time that would cost hundreds and hundreds of dollars over, I reckon, about a year's worth of private lessons.

When you buy From Beginner To Bassist you get access for life and can go over these valuable concepts as many times as you like.

  • Immediate access to stream 80 bass video lessons
  • 68 page Workbook with TAB/Notation
  • Backing tracks, very clear examples, 7 longer form pieces
  • Instruction on ear training, improvising, making up bass lines and more!

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From Beginner To Bassist (1)

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Dan has been a full time professional bass player for nearly 20 years, playing every gig you can imagine from small pubs, to arenas with big artists.

Alongside his busy remote recording schedule, he runs as well as a rapidly growing YouTube channel. 

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