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Hi, I'm Dan.

If I have one skill in life, it's being able to pass on to you decades of knowledge earned as a professional bass player. This site is dedicated to you and your pursuit of bass excellence.

You'll find A LOT here that will change your musical life!

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Absolutely great experience coming across your lessons. I’d completely given up trying to learn bass but you have given me hope. 


It took me ages to get over my self doubt but I'm an over achiever so that's natural, your inspirational words encouraged me to not give up, thank you. I watch your videos regularly and they are always informative and add another piece to the jigsaw, so thank you.

Janine Dossetor

I've been struggling to learn bass for about 10 years and just couldn’t get a good understanding of how to become a good bassist. It frustrated me a lot. I just gave up, but then I came across your lessons and it has given me a totally different outlook on learning bass. That makes me really happy.

Joseph Whigham

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About Dan Hawkins

I've been a working professional bass player for over two decades.

One of the big passions in my life is teaching, and I started Online Bass Courses to reach bass players eager to improve.

I get a huge kick out of helping bassists improve and I do that through courses, books, and my weekly free lessons.

Numbers have grown to thousands of subscribers and visitors and it's an absolute joy to be a part of the bass community!

Read more about my story here.