Beginner/Intermediate SLAP Bass Lesson (plus how to make up slap lines)

If you're new to the wonderful world of slap bass then this lesson is for you! Actually, I dive fairly deep into the techniques so if you can already slap, there's plenty for you to get your teeth into.

It's essential to play in time and, if you want to improvise, you need to know what notes play. That's also covered in the video lesson below.

Scroll down to download the drumbeat backing and the free PDF.

Slap Bass Technique

You need to know about articulations to play slap well. This lesson will help:

Bass Guitar: Hammer Ons, Pull Offs, Ghost Notes, String Bends, Slides and Vibrato

Muting is also key as you don't want strings ringing out as you're flying all over the neck.

Clean Slap Technique (How To Mute When Slapping)

How To Improvise Slap Bass

Use the E Dorian and E Minor Pentatonic scales as a starting point for your improvisation. If you want to solo using these notes, this lesson will help:

11 Ideas To Improvise INCREDIBLE Bass Solos

Once your technique is solid and you have a good grasp of timing and phrasing, the notes below will provide a good selection for you to use.

How To Play Slap Bass In Time

Nothing you play will sound good if your timing is sloppy. Spend a lot of time working on your groove! These lessons will help you:

7 Metronome Exercises For Bass Guitar To Work On Your Timing And Groove

10 Ultimate Groove/Feel/Timing Tips For Bass Players

Tighten Up Your GROOVE: Rhythms, Time Signatures, Metronomes & Counting

EASY But Effective Bass Exercise (Technique/Speed/Accuracy/Stamina/Memorisation)

Here's the drumbeat I used in the video for you to play along to once you feel comfortable.

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