Dan's books, courses, and backing tracks.

All the lessons on my site are free and will continue to be. However, if you want to dive deeper and have me walk you through a topic step by step and in a logical order, you may want to consider one of my books or courses. The backing tracks are excellent practice resources for bass which will get you playing in time and creating your own bass lines, fills, and solos!

Premium Bass Guitar Courses

My premium courses take a topic and teach it to the point that you can understand and use the concepts in your musical journey. There's no fluff or techniques or ideas that are never used, just music the stuff that you will use over and over again! I have one course at the moment but many more to come...


81 lessons


No more struggle or confusion! From Beginner To Bassist will teach you everything you need to gain an amazing foundation for playing the bass. The emphasis is on developing impeccable habits and being able to hear, analyse, and create music with ease.


52 lessons


In this course I teach you how to play forty killer funk bass grooves. Along the way, you will learn: Essential funk bass techniques (alternate plucking, raking, rolling, hand shifts, hammer-ons. pull-offs, bends, slides, vibrato, slap, plectrum, Bernard Edwards chucking) How to develop speed, accuracy, stamina, coordination, and strength The scales, modes, and arpeggios commonly found in funk bass playing How to make up your own lines Playing with patterns How to develop a rock-solid sense of rhythm and groove If you want to learn how to play some cool funk bass lines then this is the course for you. However, it goes much deeper than that. By the end of this course, you will have learned so much more that will dramatically improve your bass playing. LEARN MORE

Bass Gear Recommendations

I have a UK and US Amazon store for gear I use and/or recommend (affiliate links). You can also check these pages:

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I write for Fundamental Changes who have published a few of books. They're available on paperback, PDF, or Kindle. The links will take you to Amazon or the Fundamental Changes website if you want the PDF. Either way, the Fundamental Changes site is where you get the audio for the books.

Creative bass technique exercises dan hawkins

Creative Bass Technique Exercises

There are enough technical exercises in this book to keep you going for years.

Complete Fingerstyle Bass Technique

Technique is the key to being able to effortlessly play the bass. Go from beginner to pro with this book!

100 Funk Grooves for Electric Bass

100 Funk Bass Grooves

Funk is one of my favourite genres. You need great technique and excellent timing to play it well. Learn just that as well as the history and style of some of the era's greatest players.

RnB, Soul & Motown Style Basslines

RnB, Soul & Motown Style Basslines

Learn one hundred authentic sounding soul bass lines in the style of James Jamerson, Tommy Cogbill, Duck Dunn, and other soul bass legends.

The bass guitar notebook

The Bass Guitar Notebook

Blank manuscript/TAB, chord, and fretboard diagrams in a paperback only book. Never forget your great ideas again! Use this to write down shapes patterns, bass lines, riffs, solos, song ideas.

The Bass Guitar Practice Journal

The Bass Guitar Practice Journal (Paperback only)

Your practice routine is absolutely the key to your improvement. Get this part of being a musician right and you will set yourself up for success! 

Backing Tracks

Backing tracks offer a great way to practise with real instruments. This forces you to a) play in time and b) listen to other instruments in a fairly realistic-sounding setting. It's excellent for building technique, stamina, strength, and is the next best thing to playing with a bunch of real world class musicians!

Oh, and it's also a lot of fun when you can play along.

1 Chord Progression 10 Bass Lines

1 Chord Progression 10 Bass Lines

This 10 backing track album and PDF goes with my two part video lesson where you will learn 10 beginner bass lines. But there's more! I also teach you how to make your own lines up. Check out the videos here.