by Dan Hawkins

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A fun but serious course containing 74 video lessons, 169 page PDF, 115 backing tracks and a song playlist to help you connect theory to real bass playing. 

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To truly take your bass playing to the next level, you need to understand music 

This course will teach you the magic of music theory. No fluff. No filler. Just 100% value-packed tuition from a very experienced professional bass player with a proven track record of teaching.

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  • Over 100 backing tracks
  • Extremely clear, concise lessons with tangible goals and areas for you to practice
  • 169 page PDF Workbook
  • 74 video lessons
  • Chord charts, notation, TAB
  • Email Dan a question

Here's a sample lesson from the course and you can also see everything you will learn in the contents under the video.

What Will You Learn?

The easiest way is to show you exactly what lessons are included in this course. Everything is connected, there are real world examples and demonstrations and a lot of exercises and clear goals for you to work on.

Here's what you will learn...

The course is split up into eight modules each containing lessons.

  1. Introduction: A gentle welcome to the world of theory and how it will change your life
  2. Foundations: Learn the first elements of theory you need to then go onto the more advanced stuff
  3. Scales & Modes: All scales (and arpeggios) you need to make music from the humble pentatonic to modes of the major, and harmonic and melodic minor scales.
  4. Harmony: Learn to play over any chord progression as well as how to write your own.
  5. Rhythm: The core of bass playing! Learn to read and study rhythms in order to groove and play deep in the pocket.
  6. Melody: The key to memorable bass lines.
  7. Ear Training: This skill will make you feel superhuman as you identify bass lines with ease and learn to jam on the spot.
  8. Putting Music Theory Into Practice: Learn actually how to use music theory in a variety of real world situations from jamming in different styles to composing.

You get lifetime access to the entire course for a single one-off payment of $199 or split pay with 3 X $75 .

All this bass knowledge with no yearly subscription fees!

P.S. You also get to email me any questions you have - I'll answer them personally.

Music theory can be confusing! This course leads you step by step from the absolute basics, through to advanced ideas like modes. I will show you how to use this stuff. Music theory changed my life as a professional bass player and I want that for you too.

Who is this course for?

You’re a good fit for this course if:

  • Music theory hurts your brain
  • You want to be more creative
  • You want to play in different styles and write music
  • You want to improve your overall musicianship - rhythm, chords, triads etc. etc. It's all in the course.
  • You’re willing to put the work in (Sorry, there’s no magic formula)

Course Format & Materials

I get straight to the point in my teaching and don't show you anything that a professional bass player wouldn't use. There's zero fluff here! You will be able to use everything you learn in this course. There are examples, bass lines, backing tracks, and assignments throughout.

Workbook (TAB/notation)

The accompanying 169 page PDF contains all the examples and explanations from the course.

Backing Tracks

Included are over 100 backing tracks to anchor a theory idea to real music. There are also a bunch of drum beats and metronome exercises to improve your timing.

Fretboard Diagrams

Wherever I explain a scale, mode, triad, or arpeggio, I give you a handy diagram to memorise the shape. You can move these to and key or root so you will learn in every key.

What people say about my teaching:

"Due to your teaching skill and generosity, my bass playing skills have excelled beyond anything I thought I was ever going to achieve. Thank you so much Dan!" - David Vitale

"Dan I don't think you could ever comprehend the impact you have had on my life as a bass player. When I watch your lessons I feel like I am having a lesson with best mate. Thanks." - John

"I'm learning TONS from your youtube channel, thank you SO much, for such informative, inspiring, and CLEARLY explained content. All presented in a relaxing manner that makes it all so enjoyable." - Lorenzo

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What you get:

  • Immediate lifetime access to stream 74 music theory video lessons
  • 169 page Workbook with TAB/Notation, and fretboard and chord diagrams
  • Over 100 backing tracks
  • A big song playlist that is referenced throughout to anchor theory ideas to real music
  • Bonus drum beats and backing tracks and full YouTube lessons expanding on certain topics

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100% Satisfaction Guarantee

I offer a 14 day money back guarantee. If you really and truly feel that you didn't get anything at all from the course then I'll simply refund you.

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Dan Hawkins

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Dan has been a full time professional bass player for nearly 20 years, playing every gig you can imagine from small pubs, to arenas with big artists.

Alongside his busy remote recording schedule, he runs as well as a popular bass YouTube channel that just crossed the 100,000 subscriber mark.

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