Funk Bass Guitar Course

by Dan Hawkins

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  • 40 Funk bass grooves
  • Backing tracks for some grooves
  • PDF Workbook
  • Notation + TAB
  • Email Dan a question
  • Extremely clear, concise lessons with tangible goals and areas for you to practice

Funk Bass is awesome!

Learn 40 bass lines whilst working on technique, theory, and groove 

I'm going to cut to the chase and show you exactly what you'll get in this value-packed funk bass video course. However, if you're ready to enrol, click the button below.

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Funk Bass Course - Dan Hawkins

Lifetime access

Funk Bass comes with lifetime access to all videos and materials, plus you’ll be covered by my 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Intermediates and above (and beginners willing to work hard!)

The course is split into four parts (more below) with over 50 clearly explained lesson on how to play the grooves. 

Included is a PDF with all of the bass lines plus fretboard diagrams of the modes, scales, and arpeggios covered. There's also a professionally recorded drum loop for each groove.

Funk bass is intricate and often tricky! This course will challenge you and give you lots to work on. If you're a beginner, you will need to be patient and put in the work. More experienced players will benefit right away, although I explain everything slowly and clearly.

Here's what you'll learn in Funk Bass

Each groove is taught individually with constant reference to technique, style, and theory you can actually use.

  • Fingerstyle 
  • Groove 1 - The Funk Formula & Counting
  • Groove 2 - Dorian, Alternate Plucking & Holding The Bass
  • Groove 3 - Shuffle & Ghost Notes
  • Groove 4 - Stamina & Consistency
  • Groove 5 - Raking & Dominant Arpeggio
  • Groove 6 - Hand Shifts
  • Groove 7 - Playing With Patterns
  • Groove 8 - Developing Coordination
  • Groove 9 - Natural Minor & Intervals
  • Groove 10 - Counting Tip
  • Articulations 
  • Groove 11 - Slide
  • Groove 12 - Hammer-On & Blues Scale
  • Groove 13 - Pull-Off, Mixolydian
  • Groove 14 - Plucking Hand Placement (Tone)
  • Groove 15 - The Shake & Slides
  • Groove 16 - Left Hand Muting22Groove 17 - Playing Over Chord Progressions
  • Groove 18 - Octaves
  • Groove 19 - What Fingers To Use?
  • Groove 20 - Internalising Rhythms
  • Groove 21 - Dotted 1/8th 1/16th Rhythm
  • Groove 22 - Double Stops
  • Chucking/Plectrum
  • Groove 23 - Chucking Technique
  • Groove 24 - Crossing Strings
  • Groove 25 - Plectrum Technique
  • Groove 26 - Improvising Made Easy
  • Groove 27 - Ear Training, Funk Modes
  • Groove 28 - Developing Dexterity
  • Groove 29 - Left Hand Pat
  • Slap 
  • Groove 30 - Slap Technique
  • Groove 31 - Think Like A Drummer
  • Groove 32 - Slap Articulations
  • Groove 33 - Practice Tip
  • Groove 34 - Hammer On From Nowhere
  • Groove 35 - Pull-off/Hammer-On
  • Groove 36 - Power Chord
  • Groove 37 - Efficient Slap Technique
  • Groove 38 - Slap/Pop On Same String
  • Groove 39 - 1/16th Note Triplets
  • Groove 40 - How To Make Up A Bass Line

Keep in mind: you can use fingerstyle technique for all the grooves if you want. I encourage you to mix and match techniques and make the lines your own.

I want you to understand what you're playing and be able to create your own lines and fills. 

That's why I take time to explain each new concept and give you ideas on how you can use it. Yes, I show you exactly how to play each groove, but I also show you how to make up your own funk bass lines.

Play funk bass well and you can play anything

Funk bass requires excellent technique and a rock solid sense of groove and rhythm.

I remember being a young player concentrating just on technique. It was only when I started doing better gigs that I realised my timing was off. Not by much, but by enough that I wasn't quite.... on it. Funk bass playing forced me to prioritise the groove and I've never stopped working as a pro bass player since.

You can use the ideas from this course in other areas of your playing - The lessons in this course will teach you how to develop a great sense of timing and rhythm and how to use theory concepts to make actual music. Those profound insights are transferrable to all aspects of bass playing.

Course Format & Materials

I teach the techniques and fingerings for every groove before breaking it down to give you loads if useful information. Ideas like how to use scales and modes, developing rhythm and groove, and memorising patterns are explained very clearly and with no waffle.

Workbook (TAB/notation)

The accompanying workbook contains the TAB/notation for each groove as well as teaching and handy diagrams.

Drum Loops

40 custom drum loops to work on your timing and feel. They sound amazing! Here's one:

Fretboard Diagrams

Wherever I explain a scale, mode, triad, or arpeggio, I give you a handy diagram to memorise the shape.

Who is this course for?

Let's check to see if you're a good fit for this course.

  • You love funk bass and want to be able to play tight, groovy bass lines.
  • You're serious about improving your technique and learning the shapes and patterns that will help your bass playing
  • You're interested in being able to make up your own funk bass lines and apply theory to actual musical situations

Are you ready to get funky?

Incredible value for bass students

If I taught you these lessons one on one, the price would be MANY times over $70. I want to make this course affordable.

When you join Funk Bass you get access for life.

  • Immediate access to stream 50 plus videos
  • Workbook with TAB/Notation
  • 40 custom recorded drum loops (by top professional Jon Howells)
  • Fretboard diagrams  to aid memorising all the scales, modes, and arpeggios.

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Funk Bass Course - Dan Hawkins

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Dan Hawkins

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About Dan

Dan has been a full time professional bass player for nearly 20 years, playing every gig you can imagine from small pubs, to arenas with big artists.

Alongside his busy remote recording schedule, he runs as well as a rapidly growing YouTube channel. 

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

I offer a 30 day money back guarantee. If you really and truly feel that you didn't get anything at all from the course then I'll simply refund you.

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