Complete Fingerstyle Bass Technique

I'm incredibly excited to introduce my new book Complete Fingerstyle Bass Technique, available on PDF, Kindle, and paperback.

I wrote this book because the number one question I get is, "what do I learn first on bass?". I would say technique is the most common element for beginner bassists to tackle. Put simply, if you have decent technique, the bass won't be a struggle for you.

Good technique leads to effortless playing which leads to enjoyment, momentum, and ultimately, success on your bass playing journey!

Here's my short promo video. Scroll below it to see the book contents.

Complete Fingerstyle Bass Technique: The Contents

You'll learn more or less everything when it comes to the foundations of bass technique (apart from slap and plectrum). 

Here's the blurb from my publisher, Fundamental Changes:

In Complete Fingerstyle Bass Technique you'll be expertly-guided from the foundations of fingerstyle through to advanced techniques - pluck by pluck!

In no time at all, you'll:

* Master the essential elements of fingerstyle bass
* Discover how to practice efficiently for faster results
* Learn the secrets of consistently great tone
* Develop all the techniques you need to tackle almost any bassline

From the most basic plucking techniques, right through to rich chordal ideas, you're guided in small friendly steps that leave no gaps in your ability. Throughout, there is an emphasis on developing good habits, understanding what makes great technique and making music instead of drilling exercises.

Perform these Essential Bass Techniques with Ease

* Alternate & three finger plucking, chordal ideas, raking, powerful rest strokes and more...

* Expressive, musical legato, accurate slides, tasty hammer-ons, pull-offs and ghost notes

* Advanced left-hand techniques like rolling, barring, muting, and pivoting to perform any melody with precision

* How to play fast and clean while staying pain free!

* Plus many, many more musical ideas to turn you into the powerhouse groove master of any band...

Included are over 150 audio files and demonstration videos with backing tracks to build your groove and make sure you play it right, every time.

Whether you're new to playing bass or want to refine and expand your technique, this book offers a lifetime of practical knowledge and exercises to get you playing at a higher level.

So if you're ready to be on stage powering down the groove as the crowd go wild, it's time to master every element of your technique with this fun, yet groundbreaking method.

Check it out here.

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