Advanced Pentatonic Funk Bass Line

In this funk bass tutorial you will learn:

  • Funk techniques including the 'shake' and fast plucking
  • how to play fills
  • timing and groove tips

Scroll down for the free PDF with TAB/notation.

Learn more about the techniques, theory, patterns, and tones of funk bass:

Advanced Pentatonic Funk Bass Line

If you're really into funk bass you'll enjoy my Funk Bass course and book 100 Funk Grooves for Electric Bass.

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  • Hi Dan, many thanks for a high octave news post this week. The advanced funky pentatonic lesson looks like a load of fun. I’ll be giving it a run out tomorrow without a doubt.
    Great advice on how to structure your bass playing. It works!!
    The release of the new Fender Vintage Range, as you point out, is really exciting. I think you should phone them direct, and tell them you’ll show case their new Jazz n Precision II range and teach at the same time!! It’ll be awesome. Or everyone on your channel could contribute any amount they can to buy you one, sort of a…Dan’s Channel Funding Project. Reach out Dan, you deserve to have one of those new Fenders.
    Have a great week and get Channel Funding!!

    • Thanks, Bryn. I don’t think at this point I can get anywhere near phoning them directly…They’re hard to reach.

      I’d feel slightly guilty about starting that fund but – who knows – if people were up for it, it would be cool!

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