100 Funk Bass Grooves For Electric Bass

100 Funk Bass Grooves For Electric bass is my new book from Fundamental Changes. The book is my love letter to funk bass, one of the most amazing styles out there for us bass players!

Here's my short video promo. Scroll down for video examples and a free sample.

The book is in the style of twenty great bass players and bands. Here are the chapters:

  • Chapter 1: Early Funk (Bootsy Collins, Larry Graham)
  • Chapter 2: 70s Disco (Bernard Edwards, Mark Adams, Verdine White)
  • Chapter 3: 16th Note Funk (Bobby Vega, Francis 'Rocco' Prestia, Jaco Pastorius)
  • Chapter 4: Jazz Funk (Abe Laboriel, Incognito, Paul Jackson)
  • Chapter 5: Funk Rock (Flea, Les Claypool, Tim Commerford)
  • Chapter 6: Slap (Marcus Miller, Louis Johnson, Victor Wooten)
  • Chapter 7: Funk Pop (Jamiroquai, Prince, N.E.R.D.)
  • Chapter 2: Resources (Gear, listening etc.)

Here's the blurb from Amazon (you can buy the book on paperback, kindle or PDF). Scroll down for video examples and a free sample of the book plus audio examples.

Ready to Master the Grooves of The World’s Greatest Funk Bass Players?

Get inside the grooves and techniques of the funkiest bass players on the planet!

100 Funk Grooves for Electric Bass is your complete guide to mastering the essential skills of funk bass groove. From old school to new, Funk has never gone away, because it’s all about the groove. Here, Dan Hawkins teaches what you can learn from the funk bass players who laid down the story of funk on thousands of deep cuts.

Discover 100 Funk Bass Grooves

So much more than simply a book of licks, you’ll learn the funk bass groove secrets of the world’s most influential and sought-after bass players. You’ll nail the groove styles of:

  • The Pioneers: Bootsy Collins, Larry Graham
  • The Groove Masters: Bernard Edwards (Chic), Mark Adams (Slave), Verdine White (Earth, Wind & Fire)
  • The Technicians: Rocco Prestia (Tower of Power), Jaco Pastorius (Weather Report), Bobby Vega (Sly Stone, Tower of Power, Joe Satriani)
  • The Jazz-Funksters: Paul Jackson (Herbie Hancock), Abraham Laboriel (Michael Jackson), Incognito
  • The Funk-Rockers: Flea (Red Hot Chili Peppers), Les Claypool (Primus), Tim Commerford (Rage Against the Machine)

The Recipe for a Perfect Bass Groove

We all know a great groove when we hear it, but what makes it so compelling? In 100 Funk Grooves for Electric Bass you’ll drill down into every essential technique needed to create your own super-bad basslines, all while growing your bass lick vocabulary.

Electric Bass Skills You’ll Learn:

  • Essential scales and arpeggios and how to use them
  • Perfect syncopated note placement and rhythmic space
  • How to play fast and accurate
  • Legato hammer-ons and pull-offs
  • How to slap, pop and tap the right way!
  • Special finger and pick techniques

Get Your Bass Groove Playing Up To Scratch

Funk bass is the driving force and inspiration behind some of the most popular tunes ever recorded and has touched every area of groove-based music: Pop, Soul, RnB, Jazz and Rock. If you want to be the perfect bass player, you owe it to yourself to learn to lay it down.

100 Funk Grooves for Electric Bass

Each section of the book profiles an iconic funk bass player and gives a rundown of the instruments and gear used to create their tone.

Bonus 1: As well as FREE download of 100 studio quality audio examples, we’ve created a special Spotify playlist of essential tunes to get you in the groove.

Bonus 2: 4 x bonus videos walk you through the most challenging techniques, step-by-step, with detailed breakdowns.

Bonus 3: Studio quality backing tracks and isolated drums loops to get you in the groove.

Buy 100 Funk Grooves for Electric Bass today and learn to get your funk on!

Bootsy Collins James Brown-Style Funk Bass Line

Bernard Edwards/Chic Style Funk Bass Line (Using Fingers Like A Plectrum)

Mark Adams/Slave Style Funk Bass Line (Slides & The 'Shake')

Jaco Pastorius Style Funk Bass Line

Bobby Vega Style Funk Bass Line (Plectrum)

Abe Laboriel Style Funk Bass Line

Les Claypool Style Funk Rock Bass Line (Slap & Strum)

Louis Johnson Style Slap Bass Funk Bass Line

Jamiroquai Style Funk Pop Bass Line

By the end of this book you will be well versed in the history of funk bass as well as the major styles and gear that was used. I give you loads of tips along the way on how to create your own lines and fills in this incredible style.

Here's a free sample to get you going...

Funk Bass Audio Examples

Example 1e

Example 2c

Example 3o

Example 4i

Example 5h

Example 6d

Example 7b

I absolutely loved writing this book and I have no doubt that you will get a lot from it!

Get it here.

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