10 Tips For Superior Bass Tone

These ten bass tone tips will help you elevate your sound to pro levels!

10 Bass Tone Tips

  1. Bass setup - learn how to tweak the truss rod and bridge for optimal playing
  2. Bass pickups - Do you know your single coil and humbucker from your split coil?
  3. Dark to bright bass tone - choose the right tone for the song
  4. Changing tone with your hands
  5. Plectrum & slap add colour to your tone toolbox
  6. Gain structure is essential live and in the studio
  7. Tube saturation works great on bass
  8. Compression & EQ. The bass player's best signal processing friends
  9. Don't play too hard - you'll get tired and you'll choke your sound
  10. The main common bass effects - octave, overdrive/distortion/fuzz, filter.

Here are more bass tone videos:

Some of the greatest bass playing of all time uses simple notes, with simple techniques, played with impeccable timing, taste, and tone. The latter is something you can really take control of so I hope this video helps you!

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