6 Awesome Funk/Rock Bass Patterns

All the shapes in this bass guitar tutorial are fragments of larger scale patterns.

When you memorise them and then use some simple rhythms and bass techniques you get instant amazing bass lines!

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Here's a follow up lesson to this one. These shapes are all based on major patterns.

6 Very Useful Bass Guitar Patterns

To Practise

The basic idea is to take the shapes above and make music with them. You can play one or combine as many as you like together.


  1. Pick a shape or shapes
  2. Choose a very simple groove (a repeating rhythm)
  3. Bring it to life with great timing and expressive techniques (hammer-ons, slides, ghost notes, etc.)
  4. Move the red 'R' (the root note) to different parts of the neck - either the same root note or change it to make up chord progressions.

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  • Hi Dan, great funky lesson, every one a little gem. Since watching, and learning, to create bass lines from your patterns, I found I could apply this methods to existing tracks, and adds a new dimension to creative noodling. Writing them out now, may join up the dots later. Awesome teaching Dan!! Thank you

  • Really enjoyed your video on 6 patterns. It’s been years since I played bass and would love to get more serious about improving.

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