The Most Musical Way EVER To Practise Arpeggios On Bass

This is sort of a follow up to one of my most popular lessons ever:

The Most Useful Bass Song To Learn EVER? (Arpeggios/modes/chords/improvising etc.)

This bass tutorial just deals with arpeggios - major seventh, minor seventh, minor seventh flat five, and dominant. 

These are the bedrocks from which bass lines are created. Learn them in different positions and not only will you be able to effortlessly create bass lines, you'll be able to identify arpeggios in your favourite bass lines.

Scroll down for the free backing track and PDF.

Bass Backing Track And PDF

Download the following and practise moving the shapes around to the backing track. Play 1/4 notes and very simple patterns at first and then spice things up as you get more comfortable.

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  • Another excellent lesson. Thank you!
    Love the part about targeting the non-root chord tones(3ed,5th) of the next chord to develop a walking bass thing.

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