How To Play A Brilliant Blues Bass Solo

One of the greatest bass solos of all time was played by James Brown's bassist Jimmy Lee Moore. It's incredible in its simplicity, tone, note choice, and in the way Moore articulates the notes.

In fact, those expressive techniques are one aspect of what will allow you to play great blues solos.

Here are the others:

  1. Note choice. In this lesson, B Minor Pentatonic, B Minor Blues, and B Natural Minor all work.
  2. Rhythms and phrasing.

You'll learn about all these things in the video lesson below. Make sure to scroll down to download the backing track and PDF with the scale diagrams.

This is a piece from my course From Beginner To Bassist where I teach the elements of great bass playing. It's a comprehensive course with 80 videos that is currently on an Early Bird special of $99.

Scale Shapes For B Minor Blues

B Minor Blues Backing Track (85BPM)

Download the PDF above, learn a few shapes and play them along to the backing track. 

Once you're comfortable, use some articulations to bring those scales to life.

The following lesson will help as will my book Complete Fingerstyle Bass Technique.

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  • Jimmy’s solo is a lesson in tension.You feel like he’s going to bust out at several points but he reels you in like a catfish.He’s got ya’.

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