6 KILLER Bass Effects [Boss Katana Bass Amp]

I had been looking for a capable practice bass amp for a while when I learned that Boss were releasing the Katana bass amp.

The guitar version has been popular for a while so I was excited to hear the news.

Imagine my luck when a friend of mine with a Boss contact asked if I wanted to try one. Boss kindly sent me one and I now have a great practice amp that's also fantastic for recording.

My search is over!

In this bass demo, I showcase the amp and excellently intuitive Boss Tone studio software.

That makes it very easy to dial in any tone you can think of.

Here are the tones I recreate:

  1. Phaser: Anthony Jackson - For The Love Of Money (The O'Jays)
  2. Delay/Chorus: Stu Hamm - Bass Solo, Live In San Fransisco (Joe Satriani)
  3. Distortion/Overdrive: Geddy Lee - Tom Sawyer (Rush)
  4. Envelope Filter: Flea - Sir Psycho Sexy (Red Hot Chili Peppers)
  5. Octave Pedal: Guy Pratt/Pino Palladino/Tony Levin
  6. Vintage Amp Tone: James Jamerson

You can really go down the rabbit hole and create any bass tone you can imagine. Equally, the presets get you up and running immediately. 

It's a fun amp with a clean tone (probably what we use 90% of the time) that inspires you to pick up your bass and play. 

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  • Hi Dan, I just found your channel. It’s great! Do you have any Katana patches available for download/sharing?

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