Manifesto Of A Bass Player

Here are some ideas to help you improve your bass playing!

Scroll down for a PDF copy of a Manifesto Of A Bass Player.

Manifesto Of A Bass Player

  1. I will work on my technique
  2. I focus on tone, timing, taste - the three elements of great bass playing!
  3. I will make do with the gear I have and I have no room for G.A.S. (Gear Acquisition Syndrome)
  4. I will work on my ear until I can understand music better
  5. I don't get despondent when I hear an amazing player; instead I learn from them
  6. Every practice session is maximised so I improve even 1%
  7. I have a clear game plan for my development. My improvement is completely under my control
  8. I will follow my musical soul
  9. I push myself and open up my musical horizons. Nothing is off limits and I'm curious about new music and new things to practise

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  • Good morning my dear brother Dan Yoda of thee inner beauty of the bass.
    Yes this segment each level of bass players it gives you directions, a purpose, and an identity. This is in harmony with the way of life. Especially from the pages of the blueprint of life God’s word the Bible.
    Your approach is simple & clear . the information you provide Dan is so beneficial for development in these crucial areas.

    Again you inspire me.

    Thank you so much for keeping us who are thirsty in your Circle of Knowledge.

    Sincerely Walter the left-handed bloke

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