12 Really Useful Bass Practice Tools

These are the bass guitar practice tools that inspire me to play and push me to daily improvement.

They help keep me in time, sharpen my creative chops, and help keep me on track.

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The Bass Practice Tools I Use

Companies reach out to me quite a lot these days and some of the following were given to me for free. Some of the links below are affiliate links.

That means that I get a tiny commission (at no extra cost to you) if you end up buying something. It helps keep this site free and my weekly YouTube lessons coming.


Tomplay is the ultimate play along software.

I love this app.

It allows you to mute the bass and play along to famous songs.

Here's me using it to play Hotel California by The Eagles.

Another cover I did using Tomplay was Good Times by Chic.

Click here for a free trial of Tomplay. 

Metronome - daily timekeeping practice

bass guitar tuner metronome highly recommended

I use this Lekato clip on metronome/tuner. It's great for daily metronome work and I often use an exercise where I place the beats on 2 and 4.

For a lesson on the metronome, check out this lesson:

7 Metronome Exercises For Bass Guitar To Work On Your Timing And Groove

DAW - Digital Audio Workstation

Bass Guitar Practice Tool - Logic Pro X

I use Logic Pro X for recording ideas, working on timing, composing, and writing backing tracks. 

Drum loops - more fun than a metronome

I love playing along to drum loops in different styles, tempos, and feels.

I think it's an excellent thing to include in your practice. I use Stylus RMX in Logic Pro X but you can use any drum loop you like.

Laptop/phone/desktop - all round practice tool

Bass Guitar Practice Tool - Logic x

Your digital device is the epicentre of your practice routine.

With all the software and apps around, a laptop, tablet, or desktop device (even a smartphone) is more or less vital to get the most out of bass practice time.

Also, with courses and books like the ones I write, don't forget that your digital device could be the ultimate practice tool.

I use an Apple MacBook Pro and an iMac.

Rip X - bass remover software (create backing tracks)

Bass Guitar Practice Tool - rip x

With RipX you can remove different audio parts from a song to create stems, backing tracks, and even standalone drum beats from your favourite songs.

Band in a Box - backing track software

Bass Guitar Practice Tool - band in a box

The backing tracks I create for my lessons, books, and courses are either created bespoke in Logic Pro X or I use Band in a Box. It's a doddle to create tracks in all genres to practice along to.

Dotted around this site I have loads of free backing tracks that use BIAB. Here are a few for you to try out for free.

Looper pedal - creativity, soloing, composing

Bass Guitar Practice Tool - TC ditto

A looper pedal is handy to have around in your practice room. You can lay down a bass line, chord progression, or drum beat, and then layer parts over the top of it.

It's fantastic for creativity or for composition not to mention studying harmony, rhythm, and melody.

I use the TC Electronic Ditto.

Beat buddy - drum machine/metronome pedal

Bass Guitar Practice Tool - beat buddy

This thing is so cool!

It's basically a drum loop and metronome playback machine in pedal form. You tap your foot to start the loop and can even add fills, and different sections in live as you're playing.

I have a relationship with the company - Singular Sound - and if you want 10% off; use this link and the code 'DAN10'.

Kala u bass/acoustic bass guitar - easy to pick up & play

Bass Guitar Practice Tool - kala

I recently did a video on My Bass Practice Secret Weapon.

That featured the Kala UBass which is an acoustic ukulele bass and perfect for picking up quickly without any effort at all or any set up.

I use the one with the stainless steel strings as it feels more like a bass guitar. I have the black rubber string version too and I love it but the stainless steel one is better for practice.

Mooer P1 Prime - lounge/hotel room practice

Bass Guitar Practice Tool - mooer

For quiet practice or if you're on the road (or can't disturb the family), some kind of device that you can add effects, plug in your music to play along to, and use headphones, is the order of the day.

I use this Mooer Prime P1.

The Bass Guitar Journal - get organised!

The Bass Guitar Practice Journal

Finally, a shameless plug.

I wrote a journal for bass players and it's designed to keep you on track, record ideas, and jot down your goals and progress.

You don't have to use my one but journaling your bass practice can be a powerful way to improve and take control of your journey to bass playing mastery.

For more practice lessons and tips, check out these lessons:

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