100s Of Bass Line, Fills & Solo Ideas!

This bass guitar lesson is something of a monster...

The video lesson weighs in at just under half an hour and I honestly could have gone on for hours more. That's how many ideas you get for bass lines, solos, and fills when you know only a handful of core concepts.

Scroll down to download all the shapes you need to know plus the backing track. 

You may want to bookmark this page and watch the video a couple of times...


00:55 Em7 to EbMaj7 chord progression

02:30 Triads

03:41 Seventh arpeggios

05:49 Adding colour (9ths, 10ths, and modes)

10:26 Pentatonics

15:25 Soloing

17:14 Bringing your notes to life: phrases, melody + expressive techniques

18:33 The magic of patterns on bass

19:27 Audiation

20:09 Soloing with modes (and extended fingering technique)

23:08 3 note per string patterns (GREAT for creativity)

25:18 Tension and release

25:39 Legato technique

Backing Track

Mode, Triad, Arpeggio, Scale Shapes For Bass Guitar

I have loads of free lessons that go into the specifics taught in this one. If you need to brush up on your triads, arpeggios, modes, or technique, search for that on my site or YouTube channel.

Or consider my comprehensive From Beginner To Bassist course. It contains 80 video lessons going from the very basics to improvising, music theory, ear training, and reading charts. There's probably a good year's worth of serious value in that course.

Check it out here.

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