10 EPIC Bass Line Creation Pro Tips

In this bass guitar tutorial you will learn ten ways you can instantly improve your bass lines using:

  1. Root notes with RHYTHM
  2. Note length
  3. Pentatonics
  4. Groove/feel
  5. Patterns
  6. Modes
  7. Chromatics
  8. Octaves
  9. Double stops
  10. Fills

Scroll down for the free backing track and PDF.

Bm D F#m E Bass Backing Track & PDF

You may have noticed that this is the chord progression to Get Lucky by Daft Punk. I got the idea for this lesson from this No Treble article containing Nathan East's original isolated bass line.

Check it out!

Here's my Get Lucky bass tutorial.

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  • Wow…what a lesson Dan. Enough context in there to keep anyone occupied for weeks.
    Made me think more on how I view minor scales in relation to moving around within a chord progression. This lesson has definitely got my thinking cap on. I’m playing a lot of Funk, Chic, E W& Fire, etc and this lesson lends itself to that genre perfectly, adding a timely fill and getting back to that root for another phase.
    Thank you.

  • Hi Dan I was really interested in trying this lesson but couldn’t find the pdf. Is there a different link to that? I see the backing track…just would love the pdf also…thanks for all the great teaching.

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