7 Life-Changing Musical Habits

Sometimes you can get so bogged down with trying to learn the next technique or the latest scale that you forget to look at the bigger picture.

These seven habits will help get you on track, focused on the right things, and ultimately make you a better bass player.

7 Life-Changing Bass Habits

  1. Don't worry about how other people play - STOP comparing yourself to others. Instead, become the best bass player you can be.
  2. Get inspiration from the greats.
  3. Figure out what other musicians love in a bass player (hint: it's good tone, tight timing, and great taste).
  4. Learn music theory. This unlocks everything.
  5. Have a bass to hand so you can easily play and start logging those hours.
  6. Figure out bass lines, fills, and solos by ear.
  7. Learn difficult things. This is the best way to get out of a rut if you feel you're not improving.

Aiming to achieve mastery on the bass is as much about what you don't focus on as what you do.

So make sure you have a goal in mind for what kind of bass player you want to be.

Have a basic plan about how you're going to get there.

(My course From Beginner To Bassist will get you up to speed on all the foundations you need).

Then develop a simple practice routine and get to work every day.

You'll improve in no time doing this!

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