An Amazing Bass Technique Exercise You WILL Actually Use

This is a bass guitar technique exercise from my first ever book: Creative Bass Technique Exercises

I wrote that book to give bassists a bunch of stuff to work on that actually sounds really good whilst also working on aspects of great bass playing.

This exercise goes up a mode of the major scale then down a pentatonic scale. So there's some essential music theory right there.

But, you can learn so much more at the same time.

In this bass tutorial, I'll show you:

  • How to use this information to make up your own bass lines and fills
  • How to work on your alternate plucking, muting, and hammer-ons
  • How to play in time with great groove
  • How to build stamina, strength, accuracy, and coordination

You can buy Creative Bass Technique Exercises here (PDF, Kindle, or paperback).

Scroll down for the free PDF from this lesson.

Bass Guitar Exercise - TAB/Notation

The idea behind the exercises in the book is simple. Make practice a) fun and b) relevant.

That way you'll pick up your bass more and improve each time you play your bass.

Do that enough times and you can't help but get good!

My most popular lesson on YouTube is actually a bass technique exercise. It's not from my book but if you'd like to check it out (it's another one that you definitely will use in your bass playing) here it is:

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  • Love your playing and teaching skills..! Growing slowly on my fretboard knowledge and confidence. Purchased most of your material and am very pleased with the outcome. I must find more time to practice..! Love the Funk..!

    • Thanks, Jeffrey! Really happy you’re improving. Practice is obviously the key and I recommend even 5 minutes/day sitting on a groove with a drumbeat or metronome. Your funkiness will increase even with that!

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