Quick Right Hand Bass Guitar Technique Rundown

Firstly, apologies to you lefties out there. It's not fair to call it 'right hand technique' when you use your left hand. Forgive me!

Most of us bass players refer to right hand bass technique to describe the many different ways to attack your bass strings.

This video shows you the main ones:

  1. Alternate plucking (fingerstyle)
  2. Rest strokes
  3. Free strokes
  4. Palm muting
  5. Raking
  6. Slap
  7. Plectrum
  8. Chucking
  9. Strumming
  10. Hand placement (tone production)

If you're interested in building an unshakeable technical foundation, you might like Complete Fingerstyle Technique For Bass.

I have LOADS more free bass technique lessons.

To get really good at the bass, it needs to feel effortless and you get there by working on your technique (hopefully learning good timing along the way).

The following lessons will help you...

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