4 Slap Bass TRICKS [From 4 Bass Legends]

Slap bass is a series of rhythmic tricks performed via interplay between your two hands. Break down each technique and it's not as scary as it first seems!

Following on from last week's lesson - Essential Slap Bass Skills: 7 Exercises for Success - in this one, you'll learn four really cool techniques used by:

  1. Flea
  2. Marcus Miller
  3. Victor Wooten
  4. Mark King

4 Slap Bass Techniques - PDF

Flea, Marcus Miller, Victor Wooten, Mark King SLAP BASS

Listen to the masters at work and try and see if you can find the techniques taught in this lesson.

Flea Double Stops - Freaky Styley (Red Hot Chili Peppers)

(Explicit language! Please don't watch if it's not suitable)

Marcus Miller 32nd Note Slap Bass

You can hear 32nd notes at about 44 seconds into this extraordinary solo by a very young Marcus Miller!

Victor Wooten Slap Bass

Here's Victor throwing the proverbial kitchen sink at this bass solo.

Mark King 1/16th Note Triplets

You can hear loads of 1/16th note triplets in this epic bass solo.

Remember that slap bass can be a tricky technique to master. The only way to do it is to build up good mechanics from a slow tempo. Introduce a metronome of drum loop as and when you feel comfortable. Practice every day and you'll be slapping like these legends in no time! 

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