Music Theory

Music Theory Explained

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Music Theory can open so many doors for your bass playing. You can use it to work on your ear, create bass lines, understand the jargon musicians use, and improvise to name a few things. Learn some basics you will use for a lifetime including The Minor Pentatonic Scale, The 7 Arpeggios From C Major, and how to use triads, arpeggios, and scales.

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The Minor Pentatonic Scale

This is perhaps the most common scale in rock, pop, and funk. Learn this indside out and you will have enough material to play a large percentage of musical styles.

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The 7 Arpeggios From C Major

This lesson forms the foundation of musical harmony. Learn these seven arpeggios and you will have enough information to create a lifetime's worth of bass lines.

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Chord Theory For Bass Players

Leran how to form and use a chord.

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Scale, Triad, Chord, And Arpeggio Explained

Learn the basic definitions of these musical building blocks as well as what they do.