Take Your Bass Playing To The Next Level

There is an easy way to rapidly improve all aspects of your bass playing. 

Yes, that does sound a bit click-baity but it's true.

It involves figuring bass lines out by ear, analysing them, and then creating your own lines in that style.

I'll show you exactly how with these four songs:

  1. Cosmic Slop - Funkadelic

  2. I Want You Back - Jackson 5

  3. Know Your Enemy - Rage Against the Machine

  4. Enter Sandman - Metallica

Advance Your Bass Playing

There is a process by which you can steadily improve your bass playing if you're willing to commit to a little focused hard work.

Learn from bass lines:

  1. Listen: Firstly, use your ear to figure out a bass line. Start with easy bass songs if you're not very good (yet) at this skill.
  2. Analyse: Figure out the key, the scales being used, the techniques, tempo, rhythm, and whatever other elements make up the bass line.
  3. Create: Once you do the first two steps, it's not that difficult at all to start making up your own bass lines in a similar style.

The last point is crucial because this is how you will develop your own creativity. This will come in handy on jam sessions or when you want to play with other musicians, compose, and generally be totally awesome on bass.

Bass Scales You MUST Know

Loads of songs are in a major or minor key so learn the major and natural minor scales (plus the pentatonics).

All of this and much much more is covered in this bass guitar course.

Above all, get into the habit of picking bass lines that are easy for you right now. Then go about picking them apart to find out exactly what makes them sound so good.

Once you have that knowledge, you can use it in your own bass playing.

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