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I taught bass guitar in schools and privately for 15 years and I think that one on one interaction is probably still the best way to learn. However, Skype bass lessons are a close second. I’ve taught people from Myanmar, Ghana, the UK and USA in just a few weeks of starting Skype bass lessons. It’s so cool to be able to interact with so many dedicated, passionate players of all levels! You can get a lesson from a teacher you like who offers Skype and you can be anywhere (as long as you have a decent internet connection).

There is more information on what I teach on my Skype bass lesson page but, briefly, this picture explains my philosophy:

Bass Guitar Skills


I haven’t reinvented the wheel with anything I teach. I was very fortunate to be given music lessons from a young age – bass lessons from 11 years old – and have learnt from amazing teachers in the industry (as well as bad teachers who I got just as much from). I’ve spent thousands of hours playing and studying the bass so everything I know comes from great musicians who I’ve extracted lessons from.

If you’ve always wanted to play your favourite bass line or you just want some advice about how to make a living from music or how to record bass, join a band, use effects pedals or use a plectrum then a Skype bass lesson may be for you. Get in touch. There really are a few basic fundamentals to grasp as a bass player that will get you very, very far. A Skype bass lesson or two can set you on the right path.

There are loads of free bass lessons and tips on this site and on my YouTube channel so make sure you check those out. A lot of the lessons (at the time of writing anyway) are for beginner and intermediate players but if you want some more advanced lessons such as studying modes; advanced techniques; writing and producing music; recording techniques; how to make a living from music, I can teach that too.

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