Bass Q&A: Tube or solid state amp? What strings do you use?

I felt like doing a bass guitar Q&A session this week and here are the questions with the time they appear in the video:


1. Do you recommend getting any gear to help the learning process? 00:13 

2. Should I learn all scale shapes on the fret board or just learn the notes? 02:24 

3. What do you miss out on, or gain access to, when you play a pentatonic scale? 06:30 

4. How timbre for same pitch can vary based on string/fret 10:31

5. Any advice about doing small gigs? 12:16

6. Any interesting circle of 4ths exercises that you have used? 14:35

7. What strings do you use and how often do you change them? 16:32 

8. What pedals does one need for country bass? 18:50

9. Tube vs. solid state amps 20:22

I mention a few lessons in the video and links to those lessons can be found by scrolling down.

Bass Gear

Here are the products I talked about:

Tomplay - interactive sheet music and backing tracks

Mooer P1 - practice headphone amp/effects

Rip X - remove bass from a song to create a backing track

Lekato metronome/tuner

Beat Buddy - rhythm/metronome/drum loop pedal (use DAN10 for 10% off)

Elites Strings

*Some of the links above are affiliate links where I get a small commission if you buy. It's no extra cost for you and it helps me keep this channel running.

Bass Lessons Mentioned

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