How To Nail A Melodic Bass Solo// How To Play Like Flea [Bass Guitar Q&A]

I'm a team of one when it comes to Online Bass Courses. It's very much a labour of love and I don't have people to bounce ideas off and certainly no Social Media Manager.

But, I don't need them - I have you!

It's taken me just the three years to do my first Q&A but here it is, the Qs being provided by some of you on YouTube.

The video is probably a little too long actually but there are timestamps (see below) so you can get straight to the bit you're interested in and avoid my waffle.

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Make sure to scroll below the video for the lessons I mention in the video.

Bass Guitar Q&A Questions (and Timestamps)

00:14 How to integrate theory ideas into your bass playing

02:50 Getting a good tone from effects

04:09 Playing in different registers on the neck

06:20 How much does fingers affect the bass tone?

08:17 How to motivate yourself to keep practising

09:59 How to play like Flea?! (My fingers aren't fast enough)

13:19 Approach notes in a minor ii V i

15:20 How to manage practice - when do I move on to the next thing?

19:32 “Express yourself “ - Charles Wright /NWA sample. What key is it in?

20:28 What mode or scale do I use to solo?

24:41 What to play when you first pick up a bass to test it

25:40 What's your favourite bass tone?

27:25 If you could record a solo record, what kind of music would it be?

28:09 Tips and advice for jamming with a drummer

29:41 How to nail a melodic bass solo

31:37 Transcribing (the number ONE thing to practise)

32:16 HX Stomp tutorials??

33:14 Are there any advantages or disadvantages a compressor when learning to play?

34:44 How do I speed up my playing more specifically my fretting hand?

36: 12 Tips for playing in a trio

37:52 Do you want me to do more Q&A lessons like this? Let me know!!

Lessons Mentioned In The Q&A

How to integrate theory ideas into your bass playing

Use the theory ideas to make music and improvise. These lessons will show you how.

Make music with a harmonised scale

100s of ideas for fills, lines, and solos

Easy Fingerstyle Funk Lines

If you like funk bass (and who doesn't??), you might like my Funk Bass course or 100 Funk Grooves For Electric Bass book.

Here's a link to 10 Easy Funk Bass Songs.

Melodic Bass Solos

If you want to play beautiful sounding bass solos, watch these lessons.

Write melodic fills, lines, and solos

Melodic bass solo

How To Play Fast

If you enjoyed this new format (for me anyway) let me know. I'll continue to film standalone lessons but the odd Q&A like this might be fun!

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