7 Beginner Bass Gigging Mistakes

Fix these mistakes and you'll approach bass guitar recording sessions and gigs like a seasoned professional!

I recently gave a bass guitar workshop at a school and, later in the day, judged their battle of the bands.

I loved seeing everyone getting up on stage - some for the first time - and making music.

Some students were veterans and some were performing for the very first time. 

It got me thinking. We're all at different stages along our own musical path.

Perhaps you're wanting to play in front of people for the first time? Maybe you already gig regularly.

What did I see that day that can help you take a few steps forward in your performance?

Find out in this lesson.

7 Beginner Bass Gigging Mistakes

Some of these tips are seriously obvious and some less so. When you're about to go on stage, it's funny how those obvious things sometimes slip your mind.

The timestamp is where it appears in the video.

  1. 00:09 Tune up
  2. 01:13 Sort your technique out
  3. 03:03 Learn what to do at soundcheck
  4. 03:55 Value stage craft
  5. 04:55 Nail the bass parts of a song
  6. 06:17 Don't ignore music theory!
  7. 08:46 Know the bass greats/history

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