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Absolute beginners to aspiring pros welcome....

What I love about teaching is being able to explain a musical idea clearly enough so that someone who previously thought it was difficult can use it to make music. Everything I teach is based on 7 important musical areas - technique, fretboard knowledge, theory, reading, mindset, groove and tunes (expanding your repertoire). There are many more topics to be found within these subjects and I believe that if you improve your knowledge in these areas (even just a little bit) you will get fantastic results. It's all about building a solid foundation from which you can blossom.​

“I will show you what you need to know to become a musician who is able to think for yourself and learn how to improve fast ”.

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Dan shows you not just the 'how', but more importantly, the 'why'. To me, that's made the difference from thinking of myself as a someone who plays bass and starting to think like a musician.

Marcus Painter



Your explanation on bass playing is excellent. It is invaluable to me. 

Kyaw Thu Yaa


Just the motivation I needed to put in more work. Your blog is filled with great materials and videos. Thanks for my first ever Skype lesson!


Topics CovereD

Bass Guitar Skills

Groove - timing, feel, using the metronome, beat placement, meter.

Fretboard Knowledge - using patterns on the bass, learning all the notes, connecting your ear to patterns.

Theory - triads, chords, scales, modes, harmony, rhythm, how to use theory in playing and writing situations 

Technique - fingerstyle, slap, plectrum, tapping, hammer ons, pull offs, bends, slides, vibrato, muting, ghost notes, position shifts, how to work on speed and accuracy. 

Mindset - how to practice efficiently, choosing what to learn, 

Tunes - rock, jazz, pop, blues, funk, RnB, hip hop, learn your favourite song.

Reading - basic reading to advanced sight reading, chord charts, Nashville number system, why reading is a great skill.

Pro Tips - how to get and keep gigs, what to do when you get stuck and unmotivated, what to take to gigs

Gear tips - what gear you need and how to use it.

1/2 Hour

Includes free initial consultation



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