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Recommended Bass Guitar Accessories

Musicians ear plugs


Please take the health of ear very seriously. Once you damage your hearing that's it - no going back. 

Bass Guitar fret wraps


These wrap around your bass neck by the neck to help with muting. Especially good for slapping. Make sure you get the right size.

soldering iron to fix bass guitar

Soldering Iron

You never know! It's useful to know how to solder pickup wire.


Extension Power Strip

Black looks better on stage and make sure you get surge protection.

Gaffa Tape - musicians saviour

Gaffa Tape

I'm not sure there'd be a live music industry without this stuff.

bass guitar tuner metronome highly recommended


I highly recommend this model for practice. Work on your timing with the different metronome settings. Being in tune is a bonus!

manuscript paper for bass guitar reading

Manuscript Paper

Capture your ideas, transcribe basslines, learn to read music. Old school. Invaluable.

Allen Keys for bass guitar

Allen/Hex Keys

Different basses require different sizes so be sure to have a range.

Music stand bass guitar

Music Stand

Set up a practice zone and make this the central point. It's surprising how useful one of these is.

bass guitar gigging tool


I've had one of these for over 15 years and it comes in so handy on gigs.

bass guitar tools

Cruz Tool

When you need something more specialised.

pro batteries for bass guitar

9V Batteries

For your active basses and effects pedals. Don't leave home without them. These are the ones the pros use.

macbook pro

Macbook Pro

This is what I use for writing blog posts, backing tracks, editing video and recording bass. A powerhouse!

dunklop strap loks for bass

Dunlop Strap Loks

I use these on all my basses and they've never let me down (unlike other similar designs).

switch cleaner bass guitar

Switch Cleaner

This is the good stuff when it comes to fixing scratchy pots.

bass guitar cleaner

Dr Duck's Ax Wax

This stuff's great for cleaning your bass (body, strings, tuners...).

neck cleaner for bass guitar

F-One Fretboard Conditioner

The best neck cleaner for all types of neck. Contains no nasties that can damage your precious fretboard.

Mark bass bass keeper bass stand

MarkBass Bass Keeper

How can something so small and cheap be so good? Use this on smaller gigs to keep your bass secure. Removes the need for a big stand..

apple ipad

Apple iPad

Use something like this with ForScore to read charts on gigs. A lifesaver.

music stand light

Music Stand Light

Vital for pit band/theatre work.

bass guitar ipad holder

Tablet Holder

This looks so much more pro than a big music stand on gigs. Very slick.

Guitar Pro 7

Guitar Pro 7

This is the notation software I use for my books and lessons.