Rock Bass God: Chris Chaney

Chris Chaney is a rarity when it comes to bass players. He is both a first call LA session player as well as an established member of a genuine mega rock band: Jane's Addiction. He cut his teeth in Alanis Morisette's touring band in the mid-90s. Since then he has gone on to record or play with artists as diverse Joe Cocker, Celion Dionne, and Shakira. You may have already heard him on films such as Horrible Bosses, Date Night, and 40 Year Old Virgin. His credits are a testament to his musicianship, tone and versatility.

Here he is with Robben ford. Take note of his impeccable timing, great tone and also image and stage presence. That's very important if you want a career on stage.

Bass Gear

Chaney is endorsed by Fender but also plays Lakland, Gibson, Guild and Hofner basses. Like any serious session musician, he carries enough basses to cater for the full spectrum of bass tone. Here are three of his ultra vintage (and expensive) Fender Precision basses.

For some serious G.A.S. (Gear Acquisition Syndrome) follow him on Instagram.

This is a fantastic interview by Warren Huart from Chris' own home studio The Bass Mint. There are some great tips for the recording bass player...

When learning bass, don't forget that one of the best ways to learn is to model yourself on someone who has already achieved success. You'd do a lot worse than check out Chaney's career. He has everything together and does the simple things really well. That's why he has never stopped working.


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