Pop Funk Bass Line In C Natural Minor

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Here's a cool funky-pop bass line played using  fingerstyle technique. The key is C minor and the line uses this scale to add melodic interest alongside syncopated rhythms. I break down the music as well as some of the theory and techniques behind it. Make sure you download the PDF and the drumbeat below.


Pop Funk Bass Line In C Natural Minor


C Natural Minor

The scale being used for this bass line is C natural minor.

C Natural Minor Bass Guitar

It's essential to know the notes of the scale (the key) because these are the notes that are actually being used for the bass line. All the fills and cool sounding touches are using this scale and the minor pentatonic...


C Minor Pentatonic

C Minor Pentatonic Bass Guitar Scale

The minor pentatonic scale is the secret weapon of the bass player. It sounds amazing in solos, fills and bass lines.


Pop Funk Bass Line In C Natural Minor

Drumbeat (110BPM)

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