Good Times Bass Cover With Extra Cool Bass Fills! [Chic/Bernard Edwards]

To this day, my most popular video by far on YouTube is my Everybody Dance bass tutorial:

The guy who played bass on that song is an all time great of bass playing. 

Bernard Edwards remains perhaps the greatest pop/funk bassist ever and I talk about Good Times A LOT in my lessons.

What's weird though is that I've never produced an actual lesson on the song. Well, I have now, and that lesson comes out on Friday but today, take a listen to my bass cover.

I add in a few minor pentatonic fills and I'll show you exactly how to do that in the next tutorial.

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Scroll down for some more funky Bernard Edwards bass lessons!

The Best Bass Play Along Software

The software I'm playing along to in the video is amazing! It's called Tomplay and it has hundreds of songs on it. You can mute the bass guitar on the backing track and then play along to the TAB or notation.

It's a great practice tool and I'll be featuring it in upcoming video lessons.

If you want to try it out for 14 days for free, click this link.

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I only recommend products I like, use, and think would help you become a better bass player and Tomplay fits the bill.

Bernard Edwards Bass Lessons

Here are some more bass lessons from the master!

Bernard Edwards also features in my book 100 Funk Bass Grooves For Electric Bass and my Funk Bass course.

Remember that the next lesson is a breakdown of Good Times where I'll show you:

  • How to play the two bass parts that feature in the song
  • How to insert your own crazy funk bass fills 
  • That the Dorian mode is something you'll want to learn
  • The theory, techniques, and style behind the song

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Here's my Good Times bass tutorial.

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