Here’s How You Turn Theory Into Actual Music

Music theory is the key to understanding how bass lines, fills, and solos work. 

This bass tutorial is all about showing you some simple music theory ideas that you can use to make music. You'll also be working on your ear too which will help you figure out music and survive better on the gig.

In the lesson, I mention my course From Beginner To Bassist which contains a lot of the basics (not just music theory) that will really help your bass playing. Check it out here.


Click the links to dive a little further.

00:46 The harmonised scale - it's everywhere in music!

01:30 Funky pop groove

02:11 Fills

03:07 Reggae line

04:20 Rock line

05:39 Soul/pop using the relative major

06:47 Chords (like the intro)

8:00 Great practice tip

08:20 Feel and phrasing

09:20 Pentatonic rock riffs

10:17 Blues scale

11:55 The importance of technique and focused practice

13:05 Mixolydian soul/Jaco Pastorius line

13:22 How to learn lots of styles

15:42 Dorian funk bass (here's my Funk Bass course)

16:49 Final tips and outro

Here's the PDF I promised for one of the most useful scales ever; the minor pentatonic.

E Minor Pentatonic Scale For Bass Guitar

Increase your understanding of music theory whilst never forgetting the most important factors: feel, good timing, tone, and technique.

Combine those and you'll sound amazing!

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