THE Most Important Skill For A Musician (& How To Learn It)

If you can figure out bass lines by ear then you can teach yourself. Yes that's right, I do want to do myself out of a job. The goal of any teacher should be to give the student the tools to further their own skills with each new level of understanding. This comes from constantly pushing the boundary and learning new things.

For my money, there's no better skill than having a strong musical ear. 

This lesson will teach you how to:

  1. Work songs out by ear
  2. Jam and improvise from scratch
  3. Play songs quickly
  4. Play with other musicians with confidence

Scroll down for the free PDF for the lesson.

You should concentrate on easy songs when you start figuring bass lines out by ear. This lesson will really help you:

Easy Songs For Bass Players!

Ear Training For Bass Players

Make sure to download the PDF which has some ideas for you to work on.

These lessons will also really help you strengthen your ear. Work on this everyday and - above all - try and figure out bass lines as much as you can!

10 Music Theory Tips For Bass Players

Create Bass Lines With Only FOUR Arpeggios

Bass Guitar Music Theory: The 7 Arpeggios From C Major

The Most Useful Bass Song To Learn EVER? (Arpeggios/modes/chords/improvising etc.)

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