Easily Memorise & MASTER Major Scale Modes

Modes confuse musicians.

I should know because they terrorised me for years but once I got a handle on them, they changed how I saw music. They really are everywhere when it comes to bass playing and they're actually easy to learn.

This lesson will show you how. If you scroll further down you'll find a free PDF cheat sheet with all the shapes.

It's only easy, however, if you already know the major and natural minor shapes below. This memory aid is based on the mode being only one note different to the following shapes (actually there is one mode that differs by two notes but we'll get to that).

So learn these patterns!

C Major Bass Guitar Pattern
A Natural Minor Bass Guitar Pattern

Bass Guitar Mode Cheat Sheet

The main point to grasp with scales or anything music theory related is that these are just tools. How you use these and how you learn to hear them in music is what it's all about.

Do a little bit each day and you will understand this more and more. Your ear will strengthen, you'll start to recognise modes in your favourite bass lines, and you'll start to be able to improvise using them.

It's very cool when that happens so stick with it!

Any questions, let me know.

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  • Thanks again Dan.I played professional hockey and amateur boxing in my younger day.Back in those days there wasn’t any protocol for concussions so we just would ” man up”and keep playing.Unfortunately I’ve been diagnosed with CTE.So this affects my memory.In fact it was my bass playing that led me to a specialist when I told my doctor I was having trouble remembering things on my bass and found myself going over things time and again.One thing that helps is keeping active mentally and lucky for me music and especially bass fits the bill.

    • Wow, Kevin. Sorry to hear about the CTE although unfortunately and unbeknownst to you, it came with the territory. What an amazing life though to be that good in the first place!

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