Chord/Scale Relationships For Bass

The problem with music theory is that it seems boring. 

It also looks boring when you read about it and names such as 'B Phrygian' don't help!

But, look past that stuff and there's pure magic to be found within.

Chord/scale relationships sound dull but they're anything but. In this bass tutorial I'm going to share some of that magic with you so that you can start to create truly world class bass lines.

What exactly are chord/scale relationships then?

Every single scale has a chord that can be created from it.

Know which scales (or modes) work with which chords and you have am extremely powerful way to make up bass lines.

An added benefit is that your ear will improve and you'll start to recognise how your favourite bass lines were made.

This makes learning them really easy!

Scroll down for the free backing track and PDF from this lesson.

Chord/Scale Relationships For Bass - Backing Track (75BPM)

Chord/Scale Relationships For Bass Explained

You're able to create bass lines freely with this information because every single scale produces a chord.

Take G Major:

G A B C D E F#

A chord takes the first, third, and fifth of those notes and plays them together:


That's a G Major chord.

So the G Major scale (also called G Ionian) 'fits' over a G chord. You can build a chord (and mode) on every single note of a scale.

Download the PDF below which outlines the chords that come from G Major plus the modes that fit to each chord.

Chords & Modes = Harmony + Melody

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