21 Modes In Under 2 Minutes!

Modes are absolutely huge for your creativity as a bass player. So many people are confused by them, but you needn't be. For an explanation and some tips on how to memorise them, be sure to thoroughly study these lessons:

How to Use Modes: A Guide For Bass Players

How To Memorise The Major Scale Modes

In this video I play all twenty one modes from the major, melodic minor, and harmonic minor scale over an E drone. It's a fantastic way of practising scales and strengthens your ear at the same time.

Major Scale Modes For Bass

PDF Download below...

Mode 1 - Ionian (Major Scale)

Major Scale Mode 1 - Ionian

Mode 2 - Dorian

Major Scale Mode 2 - Dorian

Mode 3 - Phrygian

Major Scale Mode 3 - Phrygian

Mode 4 - Lydian

Major Scale Mode 4 - Lydian

Mode 5 - Mixolydian

Major Scale Mode 5 - Mixolydian

Mode 6 - Aeolian

Major Scale Mode 6 - Aeolian

Mode 7 - Locrian

Major Scale Mode 7 - Locrian

Melodic Minor Modes For Bass

Mode 1 - Melodic Minor

Melodic Minor Mode 1 - Melodic Minor

Mode 2 - Dorian b2

Melodic Minor Mode 2 - Dorian b2

Mode 3 - Lydian Augmented

Melodic Minor Mode 3 - Lydian Augmented

Mode 4 - Lydian Dominant

Melodic Minor Mode 4 - Lydian Dominant

Mode 5- Mixolydian b6

Melodic Minor Mode 5 - Mixolydian b6

Mode 6- Locrian Natural 2

Melodic Minor Mode 6 - Locrian Natural 2

Mode 7 - Altered Scale/Diminished Whole Tone/Super Locrian

Melodic Minor Mode 7 - Altered:Diminished Whole Tone:Super Locrian

Harmonic Minor Modes For Bass

Mode 1 - Harmonic Minor

Harmonic Minor Mode 1 - Harmonic Minor

Mode 2 - Locrian #6

Harmonic Minor Mode 2 - Locrian #6

Mode 3 - Ionian #5

Harmonic Minor Mode 3 - Ionian #5

Mode 4- Dorian #4

Harmonic Minor Mode 4 - Dorian #4

Mode 5 - Phrygian Dominant

Harmonic Minor Mode 5 - Phrygian Dominant

Mode 6 - Lydian #2

Harmonic Minor Mode 6 - Lydian #2

Mode 7 - Altered Dominant bb7/Super Locrian bb7

Harmonic Minor Mode 7 - Altered Dominant bb7:Super Locrian bb7

21 Modes For Bass PDF Download

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