Create Bass Lines With Only FOUR Arpeggios

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There are only four arpeggios that you really need to know and understand to start being able to make up your own music...

They all come from one key, so once you understand how they're related to each other then you start to gain magical superpowers. Well, many people believe musicians who can do anything are somehow special but, really, learning a few crucial ideas well is how they do it. This is one of those ideas.

I recommend you check out this lesson first.

The 7 Arpeggios From C Major

Then watch this video.

It's really incredible how much bass playing there is to be had from the simple universal rule of a harmonised scale.

In the key of G Major, here are your seven arpeggios (shown here with the roman numeral system commonly used by musicians):

  • I - GMaj7
  • ii - Am7
  • iii - Bm7
  • IV - CMaj7
  • V - D7
  • vi - Em7
  • vii - F#m7b5

Don't underestimate that seemingly weird looking bunch of symbols. If you want to master the bass guitar and are half serious about doing so, learn that sequence!

Remember to watch this video as I show you how to make up lines in some more detail. There are also backing tracks for you to practise to:

The 7 Arpeggios From C Major

Master these arpeggios and their relationship to the major and minor key and you'll be able to:

  • Create bass lines
  • Identify lines by ear
  • Play chords
  • Play arpeggios
  • Play triads
  • Jam and improvise better

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