30 Minute Bass Music Theory Masterclass: From Confusion to Clarity

There's so much you can do on bass guitar when you understand some basic music theory. A whole world of music opens up to you and you can create bass lines, fills, and solos with ease.

Jamming with fellow musicians becomes enjoyable rather than scary and figuring out bass lines becomes easier as your ear gets stronger and stronger.

 You're about to learn a lifetime's worth of bass lessons in under 30 minutes...

Scroll down for the free PDF which contains all the shapes and explanations found in the video lesson below.

Music Theory For Bass - A Quick Rundown

A scale is a collection of notes separated by a defined pattern of whole steps (or tones: the distance of two frets on a bass) and half steps (or semitones: the distance of one fret on a bass).

  • The major scale is the building block of so much music. It contains seven different notes.
  • Triad: the 1st, 3rd, and 5th notes of a scale
  • Arpeggio: A triad with a seventh or octave (there are many other arpeggios which involve stacking more thirds on top of a basic triad)
  • Chord: three or more notes played together
  • Pentatonic: a very useful 5 note scale (created by taking away the 4th and 7th notes from a major scale)

So from any scale a triad, arpeggio, and chord can be built. Simple scales like the major and natural minor can be converted into pentatonic and blues scales. With that bunch of music theory concepts, you can play A LOT!!!!!

That's what I demo in the lesson so make sure you watch the whole thing.

This is all explained visually in the PDF below.

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