2 Notes Per String Bass Arpeggios

Bass patterns can really help you to visualise the fretboard. Once you make some sense of that vast expanse of frets and wood, you'll find that you can express yourself more freely as you fly effortlessly around the neck.

These two-note-per-string seventh arpeggios will become an important part of your fretboard knowledge toolbox.

I'll show you the following seventh arpeggios across the neck:

  1. Major Seventh
  2. Minor Seventh
  3. Dominant Seventh
  4. Minor Seventh Flat 5 (Half Diminished)

They come from a harmonised major scale (G Major in this example) and learning all seven arpeggios in a major key is an absolute must in terms of harmony knowledge.

You can do so much with that information!

I'll show you in the video lesson below...

Make sure to scroll down for the free PDF with the exercise from this lesson plus four important two note per string bass arpeggio patterns.

Two Note Per String Seventh Arpeggios On Bass (Exercise & Shapes)

There are lots of patterns on bass and the more you know, the easier it becomes.

Make sure you learn the notes as well as the interval structure of the arpeggio (or scale, mode, triad etc.) and be sure to play in different keys. 

These lessons below will really help.

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