Q&A: Pain In Thumb When Playing Bass Guitar

Learning to hold the bass properly is boring. It's also one of the most important things to master before you're able to tear it up all over the bass neck.

There are three points on the bass that should be in physical contact with you in order for it to feel comfortable.

How To Hold The Bass Guitar

This video goes into more detail.

Once you've got that down, you can then start to build up some technique. Play scales, figure out bass lines and have a few technical exercises under you belt.

I wrote a whole book full of cool sounding ones:

Creative Bass Technique Exercises- 70 Melodic Exercises to Develop Great Feel & Technique

Remember that to be able to express yourself fully on the bass guitar you need to be in control of it. To do that, you must work on your technique. Once you develop that enough, you will no longer be fighting the bass. It will help you to bring your ideas into the world. Here are more lessons on how to practise.

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