These Bass Techniques Make You Sound PRO

There's no doubt that the following bass guitar techniques make your playing sound more sophisticated, more soulful, and just more professional:

  1. Hammer-ons
  2. Pull-offs
  3. Bends
  4. Slides
  5. Ghost notes
  6. Vibrato

Your favourite bass players use them and so should you.

Scroll down for the free PDF and backing track.

Expressive Bass Guitar Techniques

Use the free backing track and notation/TAB below to work some of these bass techniques into your playing. 

Remember to take it slow at first and build up the fundamentals slowly.


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 Complete Fingerstyle Bass Technique: get your technique together with this book.

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  • Yep, this is how you spot a “beginner” from a more seasoned player, confidence moving along the fret board adding slides etc. but keeping it super clean of course. Nice lesson Daniel, thanks.

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