The Genius Bass Techniques Of Joe Dart

Vulfpeck's bassist Joe Dart is one of the most famous bass players around today.

He has the full range of bass techniques including:

  • fast fingerstyle
  • ghost notes
  • slides
  • bends
  • hammer-ons
  • pull-offs
  • muting

His note lengths, touch, and timing are sublime as are the lines he creates.

Lost My Treble Long Ago is a fantastic example of his talent and this bass tutorial breaks it down. You will learn the key, the choice colourful notes he uses, plus the funk techniques.

To learn more about funk playing, check out my Funk Bass course.

Lost My Treble Long Ago - Vulfpeck (Joe Dart On Bass)

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  • Thanks Dan, as always the quality of your work is over the top.

    (I’m quite scared by ghost notes because I tend to get trapped into them, my brain keeps playing them even when not necessary)

  • Joe’s scary good.The type of player that can inspire you to either improve or quit.That you can cop any of his licks is reason for my further admiration.

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