Build Speed, Stamina, Strength & Excellent Bass Technique

Even something that looks and sounds impossible to play is well within your grasp.

That's if you know how to tackle it. How do you approach something like this exercise? It's do with knowing the rhythms, how to count and subdivide the beat, and building up from a slow tempo.

Speed Exercise For Bass Guitar

You can learn to play this

This is an exercise from my book Complete Fingerstyle Bass Technique and you can download it for free below the video.

How To Play Fast On Bass

It's weird, but to play really fast you have to play really slow. I know that sounds a but Yoda or Bruce Lee but it's true. The only way to build the muscle memory required to play fast, you need to be in complete control and to develop almost perfect technique.

You do that at slow tempos and then you build up from there. It's as simple as that and yet most players don't have the patience to do it.

Use the metronome once you have the exercise under your fingers and practise it everyday.

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