Play Bass With MAGIC & FLAIR!

There's a bunch of bass techniques waiting for you that will work wonders for your playing. 

These bass techniques are called articulations or expressive techniques. The latter is a good description because that's exactly what it can add to your bass playing: expression.

Life, flair, interest, character. All these abstract words describe the bass playing we love and they're all within your grasp when you learn:

  1. Hammer-ons
  2. Pull-offs
  3. Bends
  4. Slides
  5. Vibrato
  6. Ghost notes

Work on these techniques and your playing will change forever and you'll sound a lot more like the bass players you love.

By the way, if you like these techniques, they figure prominently in funk music and my Funk Bass course goes into way more detail.

Scroll down for the PDF with the A Minor Pentatonic shapes you can use to practise and improvise bass articulations.

A Minor Pentatonic Shapes For Bass Guitar

Here's another lesson that delves into the exciting world of bass guitar articulations:

Hammer-ons, pull-offs, bends, slides, ghost notes, and vibrato: ARTICULATIONS

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